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Do not cite this wiki as an authoritative source on any Finland issue. Instead refer to:

"TeliaSonera Finland is now the major telecommunications operator in the country offering DSL services. The operator has also been offering ADSL services through its brand Auria. In addition to fixed broadband, TeliaSonera offers mobile broadband and telephony services.The other two largest telecom operators with their own networks are Elisa and DNA, offering fixed and mobile services. In addition to these, around 25 regional telecom operators formed the Finnet group, with each of these companies owning a fixed network in their respective region. The Finnet group of companies do not have their own mobile networks, but many offer retail mobile services as mobile virtual network operators. Other major players that own their own fixed networks include AinaCom and TDC, both of which offer mobile services. The largest mobile operators with their own networks are DNA, Elisa and TeliaSonera." ITU coverage of Digital Finland

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