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The ECG corpus is an extensive set of confidential and proprietary business processes of the Efficient Civics Guild (see that link for the relationship with Wabanaki Confederacy.)

ECG and its materials supported a wide variety of civic outreach and other projects 2004-2014. Its primary repository for public use was - it was also extremely influential on various other large public wikis including Anarchopedia, Consumerium, and Legal research and process research was exhaustively updated [1] and served in various policy struggles:

The wiki best practices and terminology developed during such citizen-led projects led to the ECG corpus which is particularly helpful in

Materials useful beyond home grid projects and updated by anyone (including anonymous trolls) are in general derived from ECG-licensed ones. They may not be republished or made public or shared beyond this wiki without prior permission of ECG. Most have various Creative Commons licenses, e.g. -nc-noderivs for core materials, -nc-sa for those intended to be shared, thus subcategories for each status are included.


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