Bridgewater, NS

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The town has a separate government and is within Lunenburg Region, NS but not governed by the MoDL, NS (unless amalgamated). This is the same status as Lunenburg, NS, Mahone Bay, NS. It is about 10,000 people, slightly smaller than Bristol, VA. The largest employer is Michelin which operates a large tire plant & new equipment proving & training facility on Logan Street.

Bridgewater is aggressively integrating town services to create a strategic edge for investors.

Energize Bridgewater[edit]

The Energize Bridgewater [1] ICSP allows for the creation of district heating, smart grid, middle mile & last mile fibre conduit, PoE & IoT integration, to modernize & reduce energy use in the town of Bridgewater, NS. Its components are:

The Town has asked Nova Scotia Power to modify its AMI plan (as of 2018 up at the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board) to deploy more capable wired devices within the Town that can be better integrated with its plan & reserve wireless spectrum for other uses, and avoid the expenses of operating a single-purpose wireless network where there is abundant wired connectivity.