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An open access dark fibre (or fibre) network usually includes access to long haul fiber and more local last mile and middle mile networks that ISPs rely on to serve customers.

Such networks have many advantages [1] including:

  • radically expanding fixed wireless tower/cell tower coverage
  • act as last mile networks for the locations they pass,
    • "If you're running a middle mile network, build it so it can be used for a last mile network for all the places you pass. You probably pass quite a few of them. Many of these rural areas, you're going to run the middle mile right down the highway and that happens to be where all the business and most of the -- Goodly part of the population is. You start with a big win right there. You should never build fiber and not build it to serve every dwelling and building pass. The incremental cost is so low compared to the cost of going back and redoing it. You see people redoing it and paying massively for that all the time. I think, ultimately, Chris, people are trying to come up with a half ass solution that ends up doing nothing. There's no way that you're going to get out of having to subsidize both. It will be easier ultimately to deal with a last mile problem than the middle mile problem. " as in Maine Fiber Company
  • reduce reliance on incumbent telco connectivity, which can sometimes (as in 2017-08-05 Atlantic Canada outage) result in widespread catastrophic outages
  • reduce and ensure more reliable pricing for middle mile access, often 1/3 to 1/2 of commercial rates, as in Maine Fiber Company
  • increase competition [2] [3] as in Maine Fiber Company