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Most material at home grid wiki is considered to be released under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3 license with the copyright holder being the Efficient Civics Guild. Some operational material (see wiki FAQ) is provided by ECG the Efficient Civics Guild.

ECG licenses process arts, credential, collaboration and consensus methods and vocabularies free of charge to indigenous and aboriginal peoples by way of helping governance, and interaction with the many complex and specific customs of common law and Canadian constitution jurisdictions. For example, resources on support-driven development and the support of NB paralegals to deal with grievances and issues suffered by Confederacy & allies, at nb.referata.com.

Commercial use or copying into private wikis of ECG- marked materials requires permission in advance. Commercial activities that exclustively support UN DRIP-mandated activities in defense of lands, waters, atmosphere, oceans, children, native species, etc., are all so authorized.